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A new shine for your hair ?

Do you want to enhance your natural colour, have a complete change of image, or simply forget your grey hair? With EffiColor®, the natural colouring, choose the ideal colour.


Dare to colour, build on what's NATURAL !

To choose a natural colour is to give nature and the health of your hair priority.

Unlike chemical colours, natural colour respects each hair by giving it bounce, shine and vigour.

Approved and tested by "Independent Expert Hairdressers", the EffiColor® Creme Colourations Range, with a total of 16 references, has been put together on the basis of gentle but innovative professional formulae that can make your hair darker or lighter and enhance its nature while respecting the sensitivity of your scalp.

Thanks to its specific active ingredients (argan oil and keratin), hair will be nourished deep within and kept safe and super-shiny.

The creamy texture of the EffiColor® products makes them easy to apply without them flowing too quickly. They can be applied every month.

The excellent covering of grey hair, the reflective tints and the excellent resistance over time makes these natural colourings a must.

If you want a change of image, then choose EffiColor® Cream Colourings.

In a few simple steps, which you can take at home, you can give your hair a brilliant new shine!



The natural colouring range with everything that pleases!!

Safe and dermatologically tested 

0% Ammonia

0% Resorcinol

0% Paraben

0% Paraphenylenediamine (PPD)


  • Covers 100% of grey hairs
  • Up to 2 or 3 tones higher or lower
  • Brilliant colours and high shine thanks to the argan oil
  • Vigorous and strong hair thanks to the keratin

… Ultra soft

  • Recommended for sensitive scalps
  • Ammonia-free formula
  • Important active ingredients that will nourish, strengthen and smooth out capillary fibre (argan oil and keratin), and also make this colouring process a real act of care. 

… Ease to use

  • A creamy texture that does not run
  • A tube-shaped applicator
  • Instructions for use and gloves included 

"A beautiful colour is a colour maintained thanks to specific products":


After several shampoos, colouring tends to fade. Why? Because water, especially hard water, will lift off hair scales and allow the pigments from the colouring products to escape. The only solution is to care for the capillary fibre, using the most suitable products.


Combined products for complete care


The EffiColor® Beauty Shampoo, with wheat protein, is a care product intended for coloured hair.

It helps wash your hair effectively without harming the colour.

It makes your hair sparkle and shine and optimises its beauty.



Once your hair has been washed with EffiColor® Beauty Shampoo - Special for Coloured Hair and dried, apply the EffiColor® Brilliance - Special for Coloured Hair Repairing Balm throughout its length. Wait for a few minutes. Straighten using a comb and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

During the week following colouration, apply your balm after each shampoo and allow 10 to 15 minutes to act.

After that, apply it regularly, at least twice a week, to protect the colour and give your hair real bounce and shine.

The EffiColor® Repair & Shine Balm is a care product with a macadamia oil and green tea base, which helps maintain and increase the beauty of coloured hair.

It strengthens your scalp and gives your hair brightness and shine.