EffiColor® by Mystic test colouring
EffiColor® by Mystic test colouring

EffiColor® by Mystic test colouring

Discover the blog for Mystic, which has tested our natural colour here

The test relates to colour 55, mahogany light chestnut.

Its advice:

  • I have read the instructions for use before applying the product, protected my shoulders and put on the gloves.
  • The colouring cream is mixed with the emulsion cream and applied to dry hair.
  • The colour has a creamy, oily texture and is not running.
  • There is no unpleasant odour irritating the eyes and nose.
  • Application is quick and simple.
  • The scalp is not prickling.
  • After waiting for 30 minutes, rinse and apply the acid-pH stabilising wash which will eliminate the alkaline residues of the discolouration.
  • This is not therefore a care wash as with most colouring products.
  • This is a wash that foams!
  • In contrast, the last wash leaves hair very tangled ;(
  • I dry my hair and it feels light and good.
  • It's not dry or brittle.
  • It's been nourished and it's light and easy to position.
  • The colour is uniform and full of reflection.
  • It doesn't feel heavy or greasy.
  • My grey hair is completely recovered.

Results after three weeks: 

* The colour ran a little during the first two shampoos, but nothing significant really.
* My hair is soft and well nourished.
* It's brilliantly shiny.
* No itching and no dandruff, my scalp's healthy.
* No regrowth
* The colour's still so bright.