Instructions for use

First advices for EffiColor® colouring:

What you need to start with:

You will find the following in tour EffiColor® Creme colouring kit:

  • 1 bottle of 60 ml of emulsion cream.
  • 1 40-ml tube of colouring cream for the hair.
  • 1 15-ml for stabilising wash after colouring.
  • 1 set of instructions for use, with 1 pair of integrated gloves.

Also take a bath towel, to protect your shoulders.

Instructions for use:

1 - Prepare the colour

Put on the gloves provided and place a towel on your shoulders.

Pour the contents of the EffiColor® cream colouring tune into the emulsion cream application bottle.

2 - Mix the product

Shake well for several seconds in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture and put on the gloves provided.

3 - Start the application

Apply the mixture obtained to dry hair, using the application nozzle or a brush, starting from the roots and moving out to the ends, then distribute right across the scalp using a comb.

4 - Allow to dry

Allow to dry for 30 minutes.

After a perm or discolouration, reduce the colour setting time to 10 minutes.

5 - Rinse

Rinse thoroughly with tepid water until the water is clear.

6 - Take care of your hair

Apply the stabilising wash immediately after colouration

Untangle and rinse again 

* The stabilising wash after colouration has an acid pH to remove the alkaline residue of the colouring product. It must not be applied without prior colouring.

Between each colouring process, use the EffiColor® Special Beauty Shampoo for coloured hair to restore your colour and the EffiColor® Special Repairing Balm for coloured hair to nourish your ends, untangle your hair and make it shine.

Even a natural formula requires a skin sensitivity test before being used, especially if there is a history or allergy or scalp irritation.

Apply a small quantity of each product to the inner fold of the elbow, allow to dry and do not wash for 48 hours. If during this period you have not experienced any irritation or itching, you can apply the product.