How to choose your colouring ?

Is this your first colouring?

Choose EffiColor® cream colouration for a natural, ammonia-free result, high shin recommended for sensitive scalps.

This colouration is a professional formula approved by "Independent Expert Hairdressers".

Do you want to give a tired chestnut colour new vigour? Give your blond colour a new shine, or change your hair colour completely? The most important thing is to choose your colour before taking the plunge.

First, you must choose according to your complexion, that is, your skin colour, as well as your eye colour.

If you wish to retain a natural tint, you need a tone-on-tone colouration. For that, use the colour of your eyebrows or roots as a base.

The colour must be in harmony with your tint and enhance your eye colour.

For pale tints and pale-coloured eyes (put on women's visual): Give priority to natural colours by choosing blond or light chestnut.

Avoid mahogany or copper reflections that are too bright and spoil your looks!

For roux tints with hazel or green eyes (put on women's visual): Give priority to warm colours: gold, caramel or copper.

Avoid ashy tints, black or very pale bond, which could make the skin colour harsh.

For darker skin and dark-coloured eyes (put on women's visual): Choose black, or for chestnut with brown overtones, chocolate or a brighter colour such as mahogany. Avoid golden or copper.

A tip for application:

  • Do not wash your hair for two days before colouring it.
  • Sebum provides protection for the capillary fibre against colouring products.
  • Always choose a lighter colour if in doubt over what colour to choose.
  • Adapt the colour to your hair type. In fact, thick hair will absorb the colouring product more slowly and therefore requires a longer application time.
  • A cut will improve the quality of the colouring. In fact, applying the product to healthy hair improves resistance and produces a better look.
  • Length will influence hair colour. In fact, very long hair may require two boxes of colouring product.

You are now ready for your applicators!

If you have any doubts, try our colour tester.