How can I preserve my skin colour this summer ?

With a sunsoaked holiday approaching, are you wondering how to preserve your hair colour?

Here are a few tips to combat the hostile effects of sunshine, chlorine and salt water, which can damage our hair and spoil colourings.

- Take care of your hair before exposing it to sunshine; at least two weeks before the first exposure, nourish it using masking products. Palm oil, sesame or wheatgerm; the most important thing is to hydrate it as far as possible.

- Take care of yourself during exposure to the sun, by using a protector. As a spray for bouncy hair, a gel for a wet effect or a capillary-protective oil for shiny hair, it is essential to protect hair whatever its type.

- Take care of your hair after exposing it to sunshine; it is essential to rinse the hair thoroughly with clear water, and apply mild shampoo to reset the hair and revive colour, without forgetting the masking product at least twice a week. 


- Avoid rinsing hair in excessively hot water: Very hot water will excite the sebaceous glands and increase sebum production, which is already fast in greasy hair. Be content with a tepid shower and end by rinsing with cold water to provide shiny lengths.

- Avoid brushing wet hair: For beautiful hair, the golden rule is never to brush it when wet. If weakened by water, it becomes brittle and the movement of the brush weakens it. Always wait until it is dry before using a broad-toothed comb to untangle it.

- Avoid excessively frequent shampooing: Shampooing every day is the best way to damage hair. An irritated scalp produces more sebum and greases up the roots. Washings must be spaced apart or (if this is not possible) a very mild frequent-use shampoo must be used.

- Avoid excessively tight hairdos. If the tight ponytail is in vogue, don't overdo it. Tying it too often or too tightly can lead to breakage or even loss of hair. Alternate therefore with "flexible" hairdos and leave the hair free before going to bed.

- Let your hair dry in the open air! If however this is not possible, choose a good dryer. It must be powerful and hot, with good ventilation. Models currently available are mostly easy to adjust in terms of temperature. The nozzles help widen the hot air stream and thus prevent hair burning. They also make brushing easier by directing air along the strands to be worked.

- Choose a good brush: Boar bristle brushes are recommended. Large brushes smooth out thick hair. Medium brushes can be used for all hair types and help unstick roots. The smallest brushes produce curls, and flat brushes help smooth hair without actually brushing it.

Hair bursting with health is easier to style!